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Meet Jemma

Jemma has always had a love for beauty and was fortunate enough to turn this early obsession into a career that she has enjoyed for 15 years and counting. Having trained with Galligan’s Beauty College and both working in and managing some incredible salons in Dublin’s City Centre, she got to learn from some of the best in the industry. In 2014, she was lucky enough to be nominated and then win Image Magazine’s Best Wax Therapist. Undoubtedly this is an accolade she still views as a career high and a standard she holds herself to today.

Jemma’s focus has always been her client’s care and this led her to start her own mobile beauty business. She realised clients were becoming increasingly stressed with Dublin traffic, parking and bustling salons with tight schedules, all the fun was being taken out of beauty appointments. Jemma sought to correct this. Her philosophy is to make the client the centre of the care once more by taking the luxury, high end treatments out of the salon and bring them to clients in the comfort of their own home as they unwind and relax.


Visit Jemma's Shop

Jemma's shop offers you a delightful array of aftercare products to maximize on your treatment results or even provide a little extra treat to your own world of beauty.


Manycures & Makeup - Dublin - Mobile Beauty Therapist - Nails - Manicure, Pedicure - Jemma Ellison


Nail care and colour is an extension of your personality, mood and individual style.

Manycures & Makeup - Dublin - Mobile Beauty Therapist - Body Tanning - Jemma Ellison


Spray tanning enhances your skin with a natural sunless glow.

Manycures & Makeup - Dublin - Mobile Beauty Therapist - Makeup - Wedding - Jemma Ellison


Makeup is a form of expression of the image you choose to present to the world.

Manycures & Makeup - Dublin - Mobile Beauty Therapist - Waxing - Jemma Ellison


Hair free smoothness can be achieved without causing unnecessary discomfort to even the most delicate skin.

Manycures & Makeup - Dublin - Mobile Beauty Therapist - Brows & Lashes - Jemma Ellison

Brows & Lashes

Lash enhancing, be it with tint or extensions, and brow tailoring will frame eyes of all colours, shapes and ages.

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