The Lavender Bundle

The Lavender Bundle is a trio of lavender rich products, perfect for giving the gift of calming tranquility and relaxation from Irish owned company Waxperts. The set is made up by three products; Beautiful Body Oil, Original Lavender Candle and Lavender Room Scent Spray. They combine to promote and offer relaxation for the skin and to the environment around you.


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The Lavender Bundle is the ultimate gift of relaxation and indulgence. Adored by so many already, the magic of calming and unwinding come from Waxperts Beautiful Body Oil, Original Lavender Candle,and Lavender Room Scent Spray. Each of these products is infused with lavender to promote relaxation so why not try it and spoil your skin,calm your senses and envelop yourself in a lavender haze.

The Lavendar Bundle contains :

Beautiful Body Oil – this 100ml dreamy, hydrating, lightweight body oil is the perfect daily oil to nourish even the driest skin. It is suitable to be used after waxing, shaving or bathing on even the most delicate skin. It is a moisturising oil that is safe to use during pregnancy.

Original Lavender Candle – this candle offers 45hours burn time and will fill any room with its rich scent. It is the perfect partner to any bed time routine or to create a calming ambience to unwind.

Lavender Room Scent Spray – this 150ml spray will infuse any room, pillow or fabric with a lingering lavender fargrance to prolong a sense of calm throughout the day.

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