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Nail Treatments

Nail care and colour is an extension of your personality, mood and individual style.

Manicures, especially gel polish manicures, are very popular these days but nail care has to be paramount to any treatment. Nails will be filed and shaped and buffed. Excess cuticle will be removed and oils and creams wil be massaged into the hands for maximum absorption along with your chosen colour application.

Pedicures not only give you sandal worthy polished toes, they also incorporate callus and corn removal and toe nails of all lengths and thickness are shaped to suit your feet and toes.

Product Brands

The secret for the best results is to use top quality products:

cnd - product brand - Nail treatments - manicure, pedicure - Gelcolour, polish


for Gelcolour and polish

cnd - product brand - Nail treatments - manicure, pedicure - Shellac, vinylux


for Shellac and Vinylux


* There is a €10 add on for all appointment bookings within Co. Dublin to cover transport expenses.
** Due to current demand, there is minimum charge of €50 per visit (transport charge inclusive). This may vary depending on your location. Please contact me to discuss arrangements and pricing.

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