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Waxing Treatments

Waxing is a treatment that has evolved over the years and now offers pain free hair removal through a variety of different types of wax.

Strip wax is a traditional method of waxing where wax is applied with a spatula and removed with a paper strip. It is only used on legs and arms to offer smooth results. Hot wax is selected for delicate areas and facial waxing as a pre wax oil is applied first to the skin to create a barrier between the sensitive tissue and the wax itself. This in turn offers greater skin protection while also allowing the wax to grip the hairs leading to smoother hair free results on even the most intimate areas.

A new innovation in facial waxing has been a game changer of late. A stripless, strip wax has been formulated exclusively by Waxperts, my chosen brand of wax. Bare face, by Waxperts, is a wax that behaves like a hot wax but offers the precision of strip wax and is exclusively for facial areas.

Product Brands

The secret for the best results is to use top quality products:

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for all types of waxing


* There is a €10 add on for all appointment bookings within Co. Dublin to cover transport expenses.
** Due to current demand, there is minimum charge of €50 per visit (transport charge inclusive). This may vary depending on your location. Please contact me to discuss arrangements and pricing.

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